A Peoples Center

Lean lives on in the hearts of people whose lives he has touched. We would like to build a People’s Center that will serve as a tangible permanent offering in his name, in keeping with his legacy of service to the people.

This Center shall serve as a place for people to gather, for meetings, educational and training workshops, creative and learning activities, public forums, and social events. It shall feature a meeting hall, a library and reading room, exhibit area, archives room, computer room, and a dormitory. Following a modular design, the Center shall be built in stages so that a basic structure can be established and made functional within a short period of time and other parts can be added as more resources are raised.

A related project is the collection, archiving and exhibition of literature, photos, materials, and mementos from the student and popular movements of the 1970s to the 1990s that will be housed in the Lean Alejandro People’s Center.