The Legacy of Lean Alejandro


SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 marks the 25th death anniversary of Lean L. Alejandro. It has been 25 years but we, Lean’s family, friends, and colleagues continue to miss him not only for the many ways he inspired and enriched us, but moreover, because we know that had we not lost him, he would have made a big difference to our peoples lives.

We have held many events in the two and a half decades since his death – to remember and honor a life so courageously and brilliantly lived. We are deeply grateful for the generous support that made them possible.

On the 25th year of his death, we invite you to join us once more in celebrating his life so that it may be shared with many others and serve as inspiration, specially at a time of increasingly difficult challenges. We also wish to take this as an opportunity to launch several projects to continue Lean’s legacy, with your help and involvement.